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    the whole Pharmacopoeia coming up my nose or pounding

    To this my mother returned, ‘Certainly, my dear Jane,’ and said

    But how could his heart be so painful for a few days

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    All this I observed, sitting at the table in the corner with my


    closet within my mother’s room, to look out at it; and I see the red

    books, and an exercise-book, and a slate My mother is ready for


    getting on very satisfactorily together The conditions being now

    morning checked a day off in exactly the same manner She did it

    was, in its strongest springs, the same

    (for we had an hour’s school before breakfast), I met Uriah in the


    you must do one or other, or both, my darling); who has such a

    overcome at parting; and if ever, in my life, I have had a void made

    Dover Road: taking very little more out of the world, towards the

    other comparison I can find for it

    Jugs of water, and watering-pots, were kept in secret places ready


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