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    of which has often without my invocation come before me like a

    ‘He never could come into the office, without ordering and

    can hardly believe she will ever rest anywhere She was the

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    four, laughed again, and clapped me on the shoulder again, and

    expedition, with a black flag at the masthead, bearing the

    ‘There was a certain person as had know’d our Em’ly, from the

    to be introduced to Steerforth Steerforth approved of him highly,

    ‘You didn’t seem to be sensible of that happiness yourself, at

    to write me some word of uncle, never, never to be seen

    ‘Why, sir, his father giv it him,’ said Mr Peggotty

    society of the two ladies was so agreeable, and came so natural to

    her condition

    and was conducted into another room There I found my blessed

    ‘They would often put their children—particular their little

    Miss Creakle, was one of the great sights of my life I didn’t think

    when I would wake thinking it was morning, and find that the

    after a while, to go out walking by ourselves), I said to her that I

    or of what he died possessed It was considered likely that for

    seen when I first went there ‘I recollect her quite well!’

    nothing about me I was always looking out, as may be supposed,

    me, how long would they consent to keep me there? Would they

    ‘Nothing’s truer than them,’ repeated Mr Barkis; ‘a man as

    David Copperfield

    some hesitation, ‘I penetrate your motive, and it makes the thing

    do not look forward far enough You are bound, in justice to your

    Well, we came to the old boat again in good time at night; and

    is likewise a very umble person We live in a numble abode,

    I had nothing better to offer, than another timid, ‘Oh, indeed!’

    ‘Mr Copperfield, my sister Clarissa and I have been very

    the cause of which I knew, and had for some years seen at work It


    Copyright of which has often without my invocation come before me like a